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Meditation can be a very effective tool towards addressing one?s health, and yet unfortunately deterrent thoughts such as ?I don?t have time? or ?I can?t calm my mind? keep us from wonderful benefits. Meditation is designed to move our mind away from the constant activity to experiencing the present moment awareness.

Examples of Our Constant Activity

We are driving. We are riding a bike. Or maybe even talking to a buddy. All the while running through a constant list of to do?s in your mind… “not enough time… the bills… the kids… the dog.”

Present Moment Awareness

Being in the present moment means fully experiencing sitting down to have a cup of tea. Allowing yourself to notice the steam as it rises from the cup. Feeling the blowing of cool air, as cools the cup. Noticing the warmth of the cup between your hands.

To aid in addressing common misconceptions, we?d like to answer the top 5 commonly asked questions. Take note of the tips that resonate and cultivate your curiosity.

What do I need to Get started?

Here is a very detailed list: YOU. That is all, that is it.

If you need a community around starting a practice, speak to your holistic health professional who can offer guidance.


Simply remember to be gentle with yourself.


You are so deserving.