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Meet Doctor Rayner

Dr. Ivan Rayner

I came to the field of chiropractic in a roundabout way. While working as a special education teacher, I started to follow a dream of mine. I wanted to work with people and understand the body’s energetic system. Something that I could literally feel within myself as I meditated. I became a massage therapist and focused on shiatsu, craniosacral, and trigger point techniques. I found that I loved working with people in this way. I wanted this to be my main focus. I was very close to becoming an acupuncturist… maybe a physical therapist. Then I found that if I became a chiropractor, I would be able to do all of the above under my scope of practice. So I set forth to become a chiropractor, admittedly without ever having had a chiropractic adjustment.
While in chiropractic school I was exposed to so much. I learned how basic life things like sleep and nutrition play a role in mood, hormonal regulation, and immune system from the standpoint of biochemistry.

I agree with many of the principles that have guided traditional chiropractic. For one, I do feel as though we are part of the infinite. I do feel as though the body has its own intelligence that “I” am not in control of. These similarities stem from a shared background in appreciation for some eastern philosophies. Whereas the figurehead believed that the infinite intelligence and universal life force of the body could be perfected and harnessed with a chiropractic adjustment. I feel as though this is the realm of delving deeper into self through meditation.