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Some of us suffer from food sensitivities or health-related dietary restrictions. As such, a spur of the moment order of takeout can be a stressful situation. As if we don’t have enough to worry about.

Food sensitivity and reactivity can be confusing and frustrating for those who suffer. Having food reactions can also lead one to feel somewhat isolated from one’s friends and families. It may be a good idea to work with a holistic health professional by developing a robust?wellness plan. This will help to target physical ailments while addressing new lifestyle integrations.

4 suggestions for avoiding the rage, finding pathways to heal while continuing to enjoy a take out night.
  1. Trust your Gut:?Pun intended, trust yourself! If the restaurant or a menu lacks clarity on all the ingredients, opt-out. Generally, the more you abstain from foods that are shown to inflame you, the larger the improvement you should feel. Some times in only a few weeks!
  2. Be your Best Advocate:?While beginning your journey, practice discipline, and honor your health. Find simple language to explain to friends, family, or even restaurant staff about particular food sensitivities and stick to your guns. It will pay off!
  3. Be prepared:?Engage in the healthy practice of planning, meal planning, and researching smart places to eat for a take out night. Call ahead if needed.
  4. Health Counseling:?If you are having pain but haven’t yet narrowed in on a specific allergy, please speak with a healthcare professional about your options. Be honest and open.

Remember to be gentle and kind to yourself. Listen to your body. Stay as disciplined as possible, remembering that any slip up can set back weeks from noticing results. You are on the road towards healing, and it is a lovely journey.

Centered Holistic Health offers food sensitivity analysis kits to help determine what specific foods are inflammatory for you. Contact?us for an appointment.