A Patient Centered Approach to Holistic Healthcare.

It can be difficult to find a healthcare provider. Dr. Ivan Rayner, a licensed chiropractic physician, works with you to define and meet your health goals. Through education, lifestyle changes, and holistic modalities you can live a joyful and balanced life.
No matter what stage of life you are at, you deserve to receive quality healthcare.
At Centered, we believe a holistic approach is the best.
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What is the process?

Step 1:

Contact Us

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To get started, call or email us to schedule your first appointment. During this thorough exam, you and Dr Rayner will discuss your health concerns and identify areas of pain or discomfort.

Step 2:

Create A Plan

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Dr. Rayner will work with you to create a custom treatment plan. At Centered Holistic Health we offer a variety of holistic modalities and also intergrate patient education and healthy lifestyle changes as a part of your plan.

Step 3:

Feel Better

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Our goal is to quickly put you on the path to recovery and provide meaningful treatments  which  address your initial concern, and  provide you with tools to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.